Postoperative Nausea Vomiting

Brief overview
Patient related Risk factors Points Incidence
Female sex 1 20%
Non Smoker 1 40%
History of ponv or motion sickness 1 60%
Postop opiods 1 80%
Sum= 0-4  
Anesthesia related Risk Facors     
General Anesthesia     
Volatile anesthetics     
Nitrous oxide     
Intraop opiods     


Goals of guidelines

  1. Understand who is at risk for ponv

  2. Establish factors that reduce the baseline risk for ponv

  3. Determine the most effective antiemetic single drug and combination therapy

  4. Ascertain the optimal approach to treatment of ponv with or without ponv prophylaxis

  5. Determine the most optimal dose and timing of antiemetic prophylaxis

  6. Evaluate the cost effectiveness of various ponv management strategies

  7. Create an algorithmto identify individuals at incresed risk for ponv and suggest effective strategies

Suggested algorithm

Suggeted drugs and timing

Suggested drug combination