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Friday March 4th 2016
« on: March 03, 2016, 09:45:00 AM »
Schedule Coordinator

0700-1700 Dr. Weber
after 1700 Dr. Panigrahi

Call MDs
First Dr. Panigrahi
Second Dr. Sintsov
Cardiac Dr. Buono
Late Dr. Weber

Mr. Begnaud
Ms. Randall

Ambulatory Surgical Center
MDs: Dr. Windokun Dr. Hamid Dr. Alverio

Blocks Ms. Mashibe Facilitator Dr. Hamid

Endo 3 0700 Dr. Shook Dr. Windokun Ms. Worstell
Endo 4 Dr. Marepally Dr. Windokun Ms. Gregoire

OR 1 Dr. Crosby Dr. Hamid Mr. Runyon (Dr. Alverio to take over after OR 3 done)
OR 2 Dr. Seymour Dr. Hamid Ms. Montgomery (Dr. Alverio to take over after OR 3 done)
OR 3 Dr. Bangs Dr. Alverio
OR 4 Dr. Reisman Dr. O'Neil

Late CRNAs
Ms. Wodrich
Mr. McLaughlin

Ortho MD Dr. Weber
Ortho CRNA Mr. Allen
Block CRNA Ms. Mashibe
Block RN:

Blocks Ms. Mashibe
Pain Rounds / Pain Consults Dr. Sintsov

Post-Op Dr. Chaudhry
Lunch/Breaks Mr. Chikonka / Dr. Chaudhry
Bronch OR
TEE/ Cardioversion
CT 0830 Dr. Lee Ms. Wodrich
Endo Dr. Deutsch Dr. Weber Mr. Bartu

OR 1 Dr. Wallace Dr. Lee Ms. Wodrich
OR 2 Dr. Stone Dr. Buono
OR 3 Dr. Gorup Dr. Lee Mr. Chikonka
OR 4 Dr. Henson Dr. Lee Mr. Allen
OR 5 Dr. Ditto Dr. Chaudhry Ms. Cook
OR 6 Dr. Shereef Dr. Weber Mr. McLaughlin