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Thursday January 28th, 2016
« on: January 27, 2016, 01:30:27 PM »
Department of Anesthesia Weekly Meeting Thursday January 28th 0600 -0700Department of Anesthesia Weekly Meeting Thursday January 28th 0600 -0700 AG 410
Preliminary Presentation of Protocols (All Anesthesia Providers)

Please put you PowerPoint Presentation in the folder "Anesthesiology\Presentations\January_28_2016" in the shared drive

Anesthesia Council Meeting (The Department of Anesthesia will be presenting - All MDs and CRNAs should try to attend either in person or via Webex - information below.
Fairbanks Rm 3101
340 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Transportation to the event will be provided from the Provider Parking Lot at 1530. Please send Dr. Windokun a text message if you would like to to take advantage of this.

When it's time\, start or join the WebEx meeting from here:

Access Information
Meeting Number: 991 558 744
Meeting Password: This meeting does not require a password.
Audio Connection
317-510-1390 (Indianapolis Local)
844-874-0006 (Toll Free)
Access Code:
991 558 744

Schedule Coordinator
0700-1700 Dr. Hamid
after 1700 Dr. Weber

Call MDs
First Dr. Weber
Second Dr. Chaudhry
Cardiac Dr. Gallen
Late Dr. Hamid

Mr. Allen

Arnett Ambulatory Surgical Center
Dr. Avallone / Dr. Windokun / Dr. O'Neil
Ms. Wodrich / Ms. Montgomery / Ms. Worstell /Ms. Mashibe / Ms. Gregoire /Mr. Runyon

Blocks Mr. McLaughlin Facilitator Dr. Lee
Endo 4 1230 Dr. Ahmad Dr. Lee Ms. Wodrich
Endo 3 0700 Dr. Shook Dr. Lee Ms. Mashibe

OR 1 Dr. Bremer Dr. Avallone Mr. Runyon
OR 2 Dr. Hubbard Dr. Avallone Ms. Worstell
OR 3 Dr. Cupero Dr. O'Neil
OR 4 Dr.  Blackburn Dr. Avallone Ms. Wodrich

IU Health Arnett Hospital

Late CRNAs
Ms. Gregoire
Mr. Chikonka

Dr. Buono/Dr. Gallen/ Dr. Hamid/ Dr. Lee / Dr. Chaudhry
Ms. Randall/Ms. Gregoire / Mr. Bartu / Mr. Chikonka / Mr. McLaughlin/

Ortho/POS MD Dr Hamid
Ortho CRNA Mr. Chikonka
Block CRNA Mr. McLaughlin
POS CRNA Mr. Bartu
CADD Pump Trial: Ms. Randall
Block RN: Ms. Welk

Blocks Mr. McLaughlin Facilitator Dr. Hamid

Pain Rounds / Pain Consults Dr. Chaudhry
Post-Op Ms. Randall
Lunch/Breaks Ms. Randall/Mr. McLaughlin
Bronch OR
TEE/ Cardioversion

Endo Dr Jonghe Dr. Hamid Ms. Randall

OR 1 0900 Dr. Hamid Dr. Shaikh Mr. Bartu
OR 2 Dr. Stone Dr. Gallen
OR 3 Dr. Crecelius Dr. Windokun
OR 4 Dr. Dr. Hamid Welch Mr. Chikonka
OR 5 Dr. Reisman Dr. Buono Ms. Gregoire
OR 6 Dr. Myers Dr. Buono Ms. Montgomery