Author Topic: Tuesday February 2nd 2016  (Read 1320 times)


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Tuesday February 2nd 2016
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:27:54 PM »
Preliminary Please Check Back on February 1st  after 1700

Schedule Coordinator
0700-1700 Dr. Alverio
after 1700 Dr. Gallen

Call MDs
First Dr. Gallen
Second Dr. Lee
Cardiac Dr. Windokun
Late Dr. Alverio

Mr. Allen
Ms. Mashibe

Arnett Ambulatory Surgical Center
Dr. Chaudhry / Dr. Windokun
Ms. Gregoire /Mr. Runyon/ Mr. Chikonka / Ms. Montgomery/Mr. McLaughlin/

Endo 0700 Dr. Chaudhry Dr. Ahmad Mr. Runyon
Endo Dr. De Jonge Dr. Chaudhry Ms. Gregoire

OR 1 Dr. Cupero Dr. Windokun Ms. Montgomery
OR 2 Dr. Henson Dr. Windokun Mr. McLaughlin (Mr. McLaughlin to Hospital to OR 3)
OR 3 Dr. Maresh Dr. Windokun Mr. Chikonka
OR 4

IU Health Arnett Hospital

Late CRNAs
Ms. Randall
Ms. Worstell

Dr. Buono/ Dr. Alverio / Dr. Weber / Dr. Panigrahi
Ms. Randall/ Mr. Bartu /Ms. Wodrich / Ms. Worstell / Mr. Begnaud

Ortho/POS MD Dr Hamid
Ortho CRNA Ms. Randall
Block CRNA Mr. Bartu
POS CRNA Ms. Wodrich
Block RN: Ms. Welk

Blocks Mr. Bartu Facilitator Dr. Panigrahi

Pain Rounds / Pain Consults Dr. Lee
Post-Op Mr. Begnaud
Lunch/Breaks Ms. Worstell / Mr. Bartu / Dr. Panigrahi
Bronch OR
TEE/ Cardioversion
MRI 0800 x2 Dr. Alverio Ms. Worstell
CT 1300 Dr. Alverio Ms. Worstell

Endo Dr. Magiera Dr. Buono Mr. Begnaud

OR 1 Dr. Berg Dr. Weber
OR 2
OR 3 1300 Dr. Crecelius Dr. Alverio Mr. McLauglin
OR 4 Dr. Panigrahi if any case added, Dr. Buono to Facilitate Blocks
OR 5 Dr. Seymour Dr. Alverio Ms. Randall
OR 6 Dr. Regan  Dr. Buono Ms. Wodrich