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Title: Thursday November 18, 2021
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Monthly Anesthesiologists Huddle Thursday, November 18, 2021 @ 17:30 via Microsoft Teams

Call Spots:
First - Dr. Hamid
Second - Dr. Lee
Cardiac - Dr. Buono

Non-call spots:
Late - Dr. Choi
Main - Drs. Avallone, Govindaswamy, Weber
ASC - Drs. AbdelRahman, Fu
Thursday -6 late CRNAs
Until 5pm: Karen (9-5), Tom, Adrienne, Skyler
Until 7pm: Laura, Shannon

PTO:  Drs. Cooper, Douglas, Serratos, Mr. Begnaud, Ms. Motto, McKendry, Sondgerath
IU White County Hospital:  08:00 Dr. Murray, Mr. Allen

IU Frankfort Hospital:  07:30 Dr. Patel, Mr. Walton/SRNA Sparks

IU Outpatient Surgery Center
Blocks Supervision:  Dr. Fu
Block CRNA:  Ms. Sisk
Block RN:  Deb G.

Endo 3  07:45 Dr. Marepally, Dr. AbdelRahman, Ms. Williams (10)

OR 1  07:30 Dr. Regan, Dr. AbdelRahman, Ms. Kamran
OR 2  07:30 Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Fu, Mr. Sexton/SRNA Foster
OR 3 
OR 4  07:30 Dr. Smetana, Dr. Fu, Mr. Runyon (10) (avail to MOR at 3)/SRNA Stoltz
OR 5 
OR 6  08:30 Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. AbdelRahman, Ms. Kamran

Main OR
Blocks Supervision:  Room MD
Block CRNA:  Ms. Bormann (12)
Block RN:  None
Pain Rounds/Consults: Dr. Lee
Post-Ops:  Mr. Milford
Breaks: Mr. Milford, Ms. Bormann, Mr. Kalbfell, Ms. Scheil

*Ms. Merrick Admin time 9-3**

Offsite Procedures

7-3 - None

CV:  11:30 TEE/CV Dr. Weber, Mr. Milford
Endo: 09:30 Dr. Magiera, Dr. Choi, Ms. Scheil
OR 1  Mr. Kalbfell available for add ons
OR 2  07:30 Dr. Kalmbach, Dr. Buono (solo)
OR 3  07:30 Dr. Jackson, Dr. Weber, Ms. Kilmer
OR 4  07:30 Dr. Seymour, Dr. Avallone (request case), Ms. Merriman/SRNA Shanks (Dr. Avallone to do 10:30 and 12:30 blocks with Ms. Bormann, block team to do last two blocks)
OR 5  07:30 Dr. Reisman, Dr. Avallone, Ms. Merrick (10)/SRNA Keesler (Ms. Marsh to relieve at 9 for Admin time)
OR 6  07:30 Dr. McCuaig, Dr. Govindaswamy (solo)/SRNA Jamieson