ERAS Check list

 Check NPO status and inquire about carbohydrate intake and any liquids taken > 2 hours ago

 Adequate IV access

 Check preop temperature and make sure prewarming blanket is turned on

 Mid or low level epidural catheter or Tap block

 PONV prophylaxis if indicated

 Check blood sugar if diabetic

 Use 80% FIO2 during the case

 8 mg Dexamethasone with induction

 50 mg Ketamine with induction

 5000 unit heparin sq by room nurse after induction and before incision

 Pre incision antibiotics and check renal status before re dosing

 30 mg Toradol iv during the case but consider renal status and age first

 Lidocaine infusion at 2 mg/min. It will be continued in recovery room

 Goal directed fluid therapy, preferably use vasopressors if required

 Nasogastric tube is not inserted except to remove air from stomach during intubation

 Avoid normal saline if possible

 Minimize narcotics

 Maintain normothermia ie  > 36 C

 Limit IV fluids to  <  I Liter